Funded Projects

Year 2017-2018

  • Attitudes and Perceptions Towards Personal Finances among Student Pharmacists  - Jill Augustine, $700.00
  • Simulated Medication Adherence: First and Second-Year Pharmacy Students' Perceptions of Adhering to a Multi-Drug Medication Regimen - Jennifer Elliott, Johnathan Hamrick, Christine Klein, $1100.00
  • Large-Group, Asynchronous, Interprofessional Simulation: Identifying Roles and Improving Communication with Student Pharmacists and Student Nurses - J.D. Kinsey, J.L. Bartlett, A. Shogbon, H. Reinoso, $700.00
  • Assessment of Poster Presentations as a Method for Teaching and Learning in a Pharmacy Curriculum - Lydia C. Newsom, Melissa M. Chesson, Susan W. Miller, $1000.00
  •  Implementation of a Structured Interprofessional Education Program in a Non-Academic Community Hospital Setting - Angela Shogbon, Bobby Jacob, Jonathan Perkins, Matthew Hogan, $1000. 00

Year 2016-2017

  • Multimodal Assessment of Student Pharmacist Teaching within a Diabetes Self- Management Education Class  –  Kendra Manigault, Maria Thurston, $1500.00

Year 2015-2016

  • Use of Pre-Recorded Case-Based Practice Problems with a Document Camera in an Introductory Pharmacokinetics Course  –  Vivian Liao, Lydia Newsom, Reid Proctor, $978.98
  • Utilization of the Sanford Guide within Infectious Diseases Pharmacotherapy Courses  -  Kristen O'Brien, Nicole Metzger, $1500.00
  • A Step-wise Approach to Developing Information Gathering Skills Necessary to Create Patient-Specific Care Plans: Part II - Focus on Third Professional Year  -  Sweta Patel, Angela Shogbon, Christine Klein, Gina Ryan, $1340.00

Year 2011-2012

  • Bridging Foundational and Clinical Knowledge by using a Cadaver as a Patient Simulator for Learning Clinical Orthopedic Skills  -  Philip A. Fabrizio, $1500.00
  • Using Film to Teach in Pharmacy Education  -  Lisa M. Lundquist, Susan W. Miller, Annesha W. Lovett, $1215.50

Year 2010-2011

  • Using an Online Instruction Tool to Develop Student Language Skills in the Spanish for Pharmacists Elective Course  -  Renee Hayslett, Michell Butler, $1500.00

Year 2009-2010

  • Publication by Student Authors in Peer Reviewed Pharmacy Journals: Factors that Influence a Scholarly Experience  -  Diane Nykamp, Leisa Marshall, Allison Bell, $1540.00
  • Comparison of the post-graduation practice activities of participants of a student diabetes concentration program compared to nonparticipants  -  Gina Ryan, Joseph Dye, $900.00

Year 2006-2007

  • Perceived Stress and Health Related Quality of Life of Doctor of Pharmacy Students: A Pilot Study of Third Year Students  -  Leisa L. Marshall, Diane Nykamp, Amy Allison,$ 1489.00

Year 2005-2006

  • Online Problem-Based Learning Experience for Second Year Pharmacy Students  -  Justine S. Gortney, $700.00
  • Development of a Unique Methodology for Teaching Spanish to Pharmacy Students   -  Kristi Quairoli, $1430.00

Year 2004-2005

  • Fallon, NV: An Opportunity for Active Learning in a Toxicology Elective for Pharmacy Students  –  Ann Massey and John Holbrook, $1375.00
  • Diabetes Certification Examination Assessment  –  Gina Ryan, $1250.00

Year 2003-2004

  • Service Learning: Implementation and Evaluation in a Pharmacy Curriculum  –  Cynthia W. Coffey, $1501.60
  • Building Collaborative Cultures: Interdisciplinary Learning for Nursing and Pharmacy Students  –  Ann Massey and Helen Hodges, $1495.00
  • Assessment of Literature Evaluation Skills and Attitude Among Pharmacy Students and Recent Graduates  –  Andrea R. Redman, $1496.80

Year 2000-2001

  • Teaching @ the Speed of Thought: Creating an Advanced Community Practice Network Internet Site  –  Kristin W. Weitzel
  • Assessment of Group Projects Beyond Cooperative Group Effort  –  Ajay K. Banga, $400.00
  • Development of a Video Library of Curricular Performance  –  Julie Hixson-Wallace, $1500.00