Evaluation Criteria

Aims and Objectives (15 points maximum)

Does the applicant adequately and clearly describe the intent, structure, and scope of the project?  Are the goals clearly defined? Does the project promote teaching and learning? Will the project enhance learning?

Significance of the Project (10 points maximum)

Does the proposal have the potential of adding to the knowledge base of the discipline? Is the anticipated impact on students positive and substantial? Is the proposed project outside the normal and expected duties of the applicant? Is there a stated intent to publish the results? If not, is there a stated plan to disseminate the project's results to the faculty? Is the review of the literature adequate? 

Description of the Project (30 points maximum)

Does the proposal describe the methods to be used in sufficient detail and clarity? Are the methods to be employed appropriate to the objectives of the project? Does the proposal explain how the project will enhance teaching and learning? Are the long-term benefits of the project outlined? Is the review of the literature adequate? Can the results be adapted by other faculty members?

Plan for Evaluation (30 points maximum)

Does the proposal provide evidence that the applicant can evaluate the outcomes obtained from the study? Are evaluation indicators clearly stated?  Is the evaluation process designed properly to measure the pedagogical impact of the project? Is there recognition of potential limitations of the study? Can the results be published?

Project Time Line (5 points maximum)

Is the time line reasonable? Can the project be completed within the time period stated?

Budget/Resources (10 points maximum)

Are the budget items requested supportive of and consistent with the methods outlined in the study proposal? If needed, is the cooperation of collaborative parties assured? Are applicable University resources available? Has the project been submitted to the IRB for review?