The literature on higher education shows that enhanced teaching and learning occurs when faculty engage in systematic and intentional reflection. Linking reflection to collaboration with peers, and then to action, produces gains in teaching and learning that are dramatic.

The Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning has established the Quarterly Teaching and Learning Colloquy. The Colloquy is held the first Wednesday in February, May, August and November.

Colloquies are designed to be a time where we create a climate where it is important and appropriate to display and discuss teaching talents, where we learn about ourselves as teachers, where we see and consider the tasks and issues of creative teaching, and where feedback is outside any institutional mandate to improve or to evaluate teaching.

The goal will be to support, promote and share the excitement and satisfaction of teaching and learning and to inspire others and ourselves.

Anticipated outcomes will be:

  • A more supportive campus climate for those concerned with teaching and learning
  • A collaborative exchange of talent, ideas and resources within and among participants
  • An increased concern for the general issues of the academy
  • Renewed interest, support and understanding for what it means to be an educator
  • Better teaching and learning


Previous T&L Colloquies:


  • February 5 Cuuricular Mappings
  • May 9 Updating the Mercer Pharmacy Teaching Program
  • August 6 InpharmD: Promoting Evidence Based Medicine Through Teaching and Service
  • November 5 Updating Service Learning To Promote a Culture of Service


  • February 6 Student's Perception of Preparedness for Health Screening Participation using Training and Assessment Rubrics in a Simulated, Clinical Skills Laboratory
  • May 1 What to Know Before you Start your Project - Searching for Pedagogical Research Articles
  • August 7 Considerations for Scholarship of teaching and learning publication in AJPE
  • November 7 Updated CAPE Outcomes


  • February 1 Resources to Evaluate and Assess P-3 IPPE
  • May 2 GoToTraining: Innovative Ways of Educational Delivery
  • August 1 Team Based Learning
  • November 7 The Effect of Pharmacy Curriculum on Student Perceptions of the Pharmaceutical Industry and Preparation for Careers in the Pharmaceutical Industry