Journal Club

The Teaching and Learning Journal Club now meets on the last Friday in January, April, July, and October. All faculty are invited to suggest articles for discussion, to volunteer to facilitate and to participate in an exchange of ideas.

Journal Club will be held at noon on the following dates in 2018. Follow the links to find the article to be discussed.

Previous T&L Journal Club articles:




  • January 30 - Development of an Antimicrobial Stewardship-based Infectious Diseases Elective that Incorporates Human Patient Simulation Technology
  • March 20 - The Flipped Classroom: A Course Redesign to Foster Learning and Engagement in a Health Professions School
  • May 15 - Impact of Student- Versus Instructor-Directed Case Discussions on Student Performance in a Pharmacotherapy Capstone Course
  • July 17 - A Multiyear Analysis of Team-Based Learning in a Pharmacotherapeutics Course
  • September 18 - Facebook as a Method to Promote a Mindset of Continual Learning in an Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Elective Course
  • November 20 - Implementation and Evaluation of Evidence-based Patient Care Application during a Primary Care Advanced Practice Experience


  • January 17 - An Educational Tool for Teaching Medication History Taking to Pharmacy Students
  • March 21 - Student-Generated, Faculty-Vetted Multiple-Choice Questions: Value, Participant Satisfaction, and Workload
  • May 16 - Pharmacy Students’ Ability to Identify Plagiarism After an Educational Intervention
  • July 18 - Pharmacy Student Self-Testing as a Predictor of Examination Performance
  • September 19 - Using Debate to Teach Pharmacy Students About Ethical Issues
  • November 21 - Vodcasts and Active-Learning Exercises in a “Flipped Classroom” Model of a Renal Pharmacotherapy Module


  • January 18 - An Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience in Application of Evidence-Based Policy
  • March 15 - Academic Entitlement in Pharmacy Education
  • May 17 - Development and Assessment of Social and Emotional Competence Through Simulated Patient Consultations
  • July 19 - Assessment of Student Preferences for Small Versus Large Group Discussions and Access to Learning Materials
  • September 20 - An Introductory Interprofessional Exercise for Healthcare Students
  • November 15 - An Assessment Program Using Standardized Clients to Determine Student Readiness for Clinical Practice


  • January 20 - Teaching and Technology: Making the Invisible Explicit and Progressive Through Reflection
  • March 16 - Impacts of Service Learning on Irish Healthcare Students, Educators, and Communities
  • May 18 - Teaching Clinical Reasoning: Case-Based and Coached
  • July 20 - Memory modulation in the classroom: Selective enhancement of college examination performance by arousal induced after lecture
  • September 21 - Incorporation of Bloom’s Taxonomy into Multiple-Choice Examination Questions for a Pharmacotherapeutics Course
  • November 16 - The Impact of Student Pharmacists at Health Fair Events


  • January 21 - Developing a Sustainable Faculty Mentoring Program
  • March 18 - Teaching Pharmacology in a Physician Assistant Program
  • May 20 - Evaluating the Accuracy of Pharmacy Students’ Self-Assessment Skills
  • July 15 - An Interdisciplinary Approach to Introducing Professionalism
  • September 16 - Physician Assistant Students' Perceptions of an Entry-Level Doctorate Degree
  • November 18 - An Expert-Performance Perspective of Research on Medical Expertise: The Study of Clinical Performance